7 Ways to Leave the Working Class

Kevin Soini
8 min readMar 15, 2021

Although the vassals still oppress us, now having evolved into tyrannical executives who push their own agenda on us in the companies we work for, our governments, and as consumers, the internet represents the people’s revolution in uprise. The onus is on you to get ahead. It just takes willingness, effort and dedication, but it can be done universally. Here are my best strategies for blossoming, against all depression and oppression of the working poor.

1. Learn STEM- Learn Whatever you Like

Culturally speaking, people don’t always like science. As a left-handed creative, I had a tough time learning left-brained disciplines because I wasn’t interested in them as they were presented in school. However, I observe that the more spiritual you are, the more scientific reasoning, and scientific education will appeal to you: take Sadhguru for example. A modern spiritual leader and yogi of India, but also a scholar who speaks of things in scientific terms. Besides, a college will let you keep your salt lamp and shrine in your office in the event you become faculty chair of a department. It could happen: don’t rule it out because you’re currently working at McDonald’s or driving a cab, or have no education beyond the fifth grade, or because you assume it’s not interesting to teach higher education classes. It could still happen, and it is the nexus of many professions. I didn’t think so before graduating college: something that I had not considered a fun idea in formative years. Fortunately I went to a liberal arts college that respected my alternative perspective, but they did succeed in making me square. Yet, it’s hip to be square. It means you’re a yuppie at heart.

You may not grasp science that well without taking some of the old-school classes and lectures. I know I was pretty ignorant before formally studying the sciences, particularly as a student of acupuncture and East-Asian medicine. So I wouldn’t be able to tell you the approach or the curriculum for you. You will have to figure that out, with each Google search, and each browse of your streaming feed. But I can tell you that well-managed time has high yields.

Adult websites give us part of our education and life experience, but studying legitimate science is the fastest way to understand the higher-functions of humanity. You don’t have to force it. Your knowledge will grow by taking in content of interest. For me, that might be Trauma Investigators, or even New Amsterdam. Possibly even Big Bang Theory…

Kevin Soini

Attained a BFA in creative writing, from the University of Maine at Farmington. Currently training for a psychotherapy credential.